Beautiful Shetland Sunset

I took this picture earlier at the local cinema and music venue while hiding from a vivacious stag do.  As you can see the sky had gifted us with a glorious few moments of its beauty before the sun retreated behind the hills.  This was a very surreal moment; I felt as if I had stumbled into a holiday advertisement.  More interestingly, the splendour faded after only ten minutes, making me wonder just how fleeting the beautiful sites one often sees in travel ads actually are.  It might seem strange that the refraction and reflection of light can produce such pleasure for us, and I struggle to find an evolutionary advantage to such appreciation.  James Lovelock mused that this pleasure might derive from a subconscious satisfaction that we have an exact place in this perfect world, that we share a deep connection with everything we can sense.

Blog update: for the time being I’ve decided to blog at a pace of roughly three blogs a week, to be loosely published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays – plus whenever there’s anything particularly pressing to write about.  It’s likely I’ll again change this approximate schedule once I’m at university, but I don’t suppose any of this matters much.  I’m working on the assumption that, like market values, the quality of my blog posts will increase the fewer I write.  We’ll see.