Eclipse Ramblings

This isn’t going to be a review on Stephenie Meyer’s third book in the Twilight ‘Quartet’ because I don’t have the will or energy to write about this book in that much detail, and most points have already been covered in my reviews of Twilight and New Moon.

Basically, this book just droned on and on.  The same angst, the same dilemmas, the same relationships – none of which experienced much development until the final 100 pages or so.  I was bored throughout reading, which, say whatever you want about the first two books, didn’t happen as I read them.  The quality is no lower than the others, and that’s precisely the problem; it’s basically the same book rewritten.  I excluded the final 100 pages because they are more engaging, though still never reaches what ought to be the novel’s full potential.  The book’s full of unbelievable gimmicks, such as Bella suddenly realising she loves Jacob when he forces himself upon her for the second time after threatening to virtually commit suicide – how much more morally abhorrent can you get?  Bella is increasingly dull and irritating and I am left unable to comprehend why these boys are so desperate to have her.  The bizarre morality debates (which also go on and on) about becoming a vampire and marriage completely jar with me.

But there are points I liked.  Jasper’s backstory, being involved in the American Civil War and then becoming apart of unrest in Mexico, was fascinating.  I enjoyed the theory that vampires can exacerbate human violence and instability in certain areas.  The werewolf myths were also highly an enjoyable read.  Victoria was an interesting character, though was not explored nearly enough – the same goes for every character besides the main protagonists, who are explored far too much and far too repetitively.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend Eclipse.  Read Twilight, sure, but New Moon and Eclipse are not necessary reads.  I *will* read Breaking Dawn at some point – my friend has offered to lend it to me, perhaps against my better judgement – and I hope it will be more entertaining than the others.

Final Rating: 4/10