Does Sport Count As News?

I’m sure I can’t be the only person who groans whenever watching the news and the presenter says, “Now for some sport!”  A definition of news I’ve found goes:  “Newly received or noteworthy information, esp. about recent or important events.”  Can stories about a man kicking a ball into a net or a woman jumping over a high pole, as impressive as these actions are, really be considered news under that definition?  Is it noteworthy or important?  Sure, there’s room to discuss the economic and social impact of sports (overpaid footballers, cash-cow for advertisers, cause of unrest in Brazil, etc) but to actually report on the activities? It’s particularly strange when international news stations report news, like Al Jazeera.  At least when the BBC reports it you can guarantee there may be at least some people who have a vested interest.

Alright, this rant is stemming from the fact I find sport incredibly dull.  I don’t have a problem with news about recent literary events or films, so I recognise this is a partisan view I’m expressing.  Perhaps neither of them can be defined as news either but they do at least, it can be argued, actually have an influence on the world through the expression of ideas and concepts.  I’m not saying sport is a bad thing – encouraging people to strive for improvement and be healthy is great – but, ignoring the shady economics angle, does it really affect anyone besides the players themselves?

I don’t have definite answers and this is hardly a pressing issue – just something I’ve been pondering on recently.  Let me know if you disagree!