Central African Republic Rebellion (March 2013)

The issue of a rebellion in the Central African Republic (CAR), which I blogged about when the story first surfaced in January, seems to have escalated once more.  Al Jazeera is reporting that the Seleka rebel coalition, which seeks to forcible remove President Bozizé, have made it into the capital Bangui and have engaged in battle with the CAR Army.  Apparently this is a response to the President having broken the January ceasefire agreement.

Knowing virtually nothing about the country, region or issues involved, I couldn’t begin to speculate on what will happen.  Will the rebels successfully topple Bozizé, or will his fighters push them back?  Will the CAR’s regional allies step in to save him?  What will happen to him if the rebels succeed?  Will any of this make any difference to the people of the Republic?  For the last question, at least, the cynic in me would say none of this will affect the ‘ordinary person’ at all.

Also, it’s interesting to see varied reactions to this in the news.  Checking various websites, both Al Jazeera and Le Monde have this as breaking news on their front page, yet I can’t find a single mention on The Guardian and BBC News only has the story tucked away at the bottom of the ‘World News’ list.