Fringe Vlogs

So, I’ve decided to start a vlog!  You can see it at FringeVlogs on Youtube (I only have one video uploaded thus far).

My reason for doing this is that I’m beginning to see how the written format of WordPress isn’t ideally suited to charting interesting things in my life.  It has its place but I think I’ll be more encouraged to observe and be excited by the world around me if I’m carrying a camera around and filming things.

I originally wasn’t planning to start vlogging until I began university (this September – 48 days!) but I thought I’d sneak a bit of home in first.  Please take a look if you have the time.

My Response to Patrick Garratt on Vine

I was reading this article on the Huffington Post just now about Twitter’s new microblogging service, ‘Vine’, in which users can upload 6 second clips of their lives with an Iphone and show it to the world.  Garratt makes some very interesting points, amusingly argued, and I both agree and disagree with him.

I agree in one respect that increased self-presentation isn’t healthy.  Giving people another tool to obsess over their own lives and, basically, to show off, is likely to be just as mundane as Garratt believes.  By chronicling your own life, detail by detail, you’re sure to miss the significant things which exist beyond it.  He’s right that there is no distinction between one ‘cup of tea posting’ and another, that there really is a cat saturation point, that there’s only so much we can take of inanities.

And yet, looking on the vine website itself, I can’t help being transfixed.  In that little box, the myriad of human diversity is on show.  Every six seconds there’s a different person, a different location, a different culture, a different lifestyle, different technology, a different philosophy and belief, and a different activity.  Vine is the latest step towards the complete connection of the human race; culture enriched by each step, and tolerance grown.  We now know more about each other than ever before, and that can only be a good thing.

I doubt I’ll get Vine myself, unless it takes off within my peer group and through social pressures I feel compelled to join in.  But it’s an interesting creation, even if it does risk high levels of what could be considered mundanity.