The Abhorrent Practice of ‘Live Tissue Training’

I was alerted to this horrific practice a while back upon reading this BBC article.  Basically, it involves the shooting of live animals to simulate war conditions for medics within the army to practice first-aid treatments on.

This shocked me so much that I decided to sent a letter to my MP.  I was very impressed by his response to what it probably quite a fringe issue; he contacted the Ministry of Defence on my behalf and sought their official stance on the practice.  ‘Live tissue training’ is not practiced in the UK, but twice a year we send our soldiers to Denmark where such barbarity still ensues.  The MoD’s response was to defend it; anaesthetic is used, and afterwards the pigs are ‘humanely destroyed’.  Well, that’s okay then.

Myself, my mother and one or two other people we know have tried to raise awareness for this.  Our main strategy for doing so has sharing a petition  calling on the government to end its involvement with the practice (which, if you have a moment, please sign!  It would mean so much).  The number was at 12 when I found it; as you can see, we have added 7 signatures to it.  We must have a combined friend/follower count of at least 300 people.  Okay, perhaps discount around half of that who may have missed it.  So out of roughly 150 people… 4 signed it?  5?  Do people really look at these things and skim over?  I suppose they do.  I probably do this too, with other petitions.  It’s just a shocking reminder at how we discard things which don’t affect us.

Have I guilt-tripped into singing it yet?