Matt Smith to Leave Doctor Who

Leaked early by the press yesterday (as ever), it has been announced that Matt Smith is to quit his role as the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who.  His final episode shall be this year’s Christmas special, meaning that we’re only going to see him twice more in the part!  There’s the 50th anniversary special on November 23rd, then Christmas.  Then he’s gone!

I haven’t really had a specifically positive or negative reaction towards the news.  Well, obviously, it’s his life.  But he’s also had a long run, just surpassing the number of episodes David Tennant made.  I’m not sure there was much further the character could have gone. However, I do have a couple of regrets.  My first is that we’ll never get to see Smith written under the leadership of another head-writer after Steven Moffat.  I should probably clarify that, although I’ve criticised him a lot, I do actually have a lot of respect for Moffat’s writing – I just think his series planning leaves something to be desired.  I would have preferred Moffat to leave before Smith.  Also, if Moffat is planning to leave after another year or so, whichever characterisation he creates for the Twelfth Doctor would be inherited by his successor.  Actually, that could be quite interesting – or disastrous.  My other main regret is that we won’t see much development between the Eleventh Doctor and Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, as they’ll have only shared… 11 stories together?  12, technically?  Well, I suppose that’s sort of a whole series’ worth of episodes, but it hasn’t felt like it… *cough* broken format *cough*.

Regardless of my thoughts, I wish Matt Smith the best of luck with what I’m sure will be a busy acting career in the future.  He has certainly been brilliant as the Doctor.