What To Do With UKIP’s Flyers

Hello blogosphere!  I’ve surfaced again.  I intend to make a proper comeback around mid May (unless I figure out a way to fit blogging into my badly-coordinated university schedule – any tips on that would be most welcome) but until then I’d like to offer some practical advice I’ve seen shared recently.

Are you disturbed by the increasing militancy of UKIP’s election campaign?  Does it sicken you to see their misinformed propaganda, verging on racism, sprawled on billboards, worming its way into your homes?  Want to take action to combat these views?  Why not send the leaflets back to them via freepost?  Flood UKIP’s post boxes and cause an earthquake in their finances!  If you’d like to do so, their address can be found here:

Lexdrum House,
King Charles Business Park,
Newton Abbot, Devon
TQ12 6UT

3 thoughts on “What To Do With UKIP’s Flyers

  1. I have not received any, but maybe laughter would be appropriate:
    – their voter from Devon who is actually a UKIP worker living in London
    – their poor UK worker out of a job because of immigration, who is actually an immigrant himself

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