Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor!

Peter Capaldi has been announced as the Twelfth Doctor in the hit BBC series, Doctor Who!  I’ve posted my reaction and thoughts in the form of a vlog, which you can watch here.  However there’s a couple of things I’ve thought of since.  I wonder how the Doctor’s relationship with Clara will change?  Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman have good ‘chemistry’ together, but Capaldi in the role will completely change that.  I can imagine the Doctor taking on a more fatherly, mentor role to her – but that’s largely just an assumption based on Capaldi’s age.  Also, I’m glad to see that the reaction to his casting has been mainly positive.  A few people aren’t pleased but I would definitely say the majority share my view that he will be great in the role.  I’ve seen a couple of younger people reacting negatively, which has made me wonder whether Doctor Who’s modern youth fanbase will react to an older Doctor.  I see no reason why it should be a problem and this negativity, I expect, largely stems from the fact that an older Doctor is unusual – he’s the oldest Doctor to have been cast in the new series by about 15 years of age.

Yes, I highly look forward to Capaldi’s portrayal of the Doctor.  Bring on 2014!

4 thoughts on “Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor!

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  2. I think its a good choice, though I will be slightly disappointed that it isn’t Malcolm Tucker that is the new Doctor. I did have an 80p bet that it was Eve Best, though, so my wallet is mildly disappointed.

    • I’ve never seen The Thick of It, though from what I’ve heard I’m quite glad the characters will be very different! I suppose he could defeat the Daleks by causing a financial scandal; those suits can’t come cheap! Hm… Maybe next time?

  3. Peter Capaldi ? He’s been out and about for years. A great actor when he’s been casted properly. He was hilarious in the film “Local Hero”.
    But Tom Baker is still fit, so he deserves to be the next Dr Who again !

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