The Badger Cull

It seems to be the case that the badger cull is being done simply because it’s perceived to be an ‘easy solution’. Like all massacres it is probably unnecessary and I wish the government would reconsider their options.

Pondering Pony

carrot badger

‘in the dead of night’ quoted from this article is quite appropriate really … Having quoted this article I would like to say that the police in most areas have said they will tread lightly when dealing with hunt sabateurs.

I do not want to see farmers lose their businesses and I don’t want there to be a shortage of milk but wholesale slaughter is not the way to go. There is a vaccination for badgers which has not been trialled on a large scale. We all want to see bovine TB eradicated but our stubborn government won’t listen to reason or facts. Many experts disagree with the cull. For more information either follow me on twitter for tweets related to the badger cull @trestababy or go to this link:

I do not apologise for my compassion or for badgering anyone who will listen to my thoughts on…

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