Russia Quote

“If there is one single factor which dominates the course of Russian history… it is the principle of autocracy.”

Just read this quote by Hugh Seton-Watson in The Russian Empire 1801-1917 (quoted by Eric Wilmot in The Great Powers 1814-1914).  He wrote this in 1967 and it is still relevant nearly 50 years later.  It’s as if Russia is allergic to democracy; even with the establishment of a multi-party system it had snapped back within a decade to strongman rule under President Putin.  I look forward to the day that this quote is no longer relevant.


1 thought on “Russia Quote

  1. I agree with you entirely.
    But at least there aren’t the hideous human rights abuses on the scale there used to be. So the Russians have moved “forward” compared to the Cold War period, and even worse, the Stalin era.
    It is now yet another “pseudo-democracy”, ruled by Putin. But at least he appears sane, and he’s the one with “the finger on the button”. When I think back to the geriatrics in charge of The Soviet Union in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it still makes me shudder.

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