Offshoot: Introducing Alternative Histories

Because I now have a fair bit of free time for the near future (job hunting is an incredible pain when you only want seasonal work), I’ve decided I might indulge into my Nerdy side and play with some alternative histories.  I did consider just adding them to this blog, but I quickly realised that they just wouldn’t fit in here.  Through The Fringe seems to have developed into a bit of a serious, ‘tackling the issues’ style of blog, wheres Alternative Histories is entirely just a bit of fun.  I don’t want to fragment my blogs (and, cynically, my views) over too many websites, so I’ll keep the combination of reviews, commentary and life posts on here – unless that really irritates anyone – and ensure this is the last schism which occurs.

So anyway, please take a look.  It probably won’t be to your taste, but who knows – it might interest someone.



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