Leaving School

Having sat my final exam (Higher Religious, Moral and Philisophical Studies), I have now left school. This is so incredibly difficult to comprehend! 13 years of my life, now standing aside to let me onto the next, far more uncertain, path. I’m really not sure what to even write here; it can’t really be summed up in words. I felt a strange kind of nostalgia leaving the school for the final time, returning to memories I had at various locations, imagining the ghosts of people I used to speak with and enjoy the company of – some of whom left school a year ago. And this is just for the school I’ve been at for the last two years which, strangely, I’m much sadder leaving that I was the school of eleven years.

Still, university beckons.  I’m not *really* leaving school, just advancing on to the next stage.  And I have four whole years to figure out how to avoid actually growing up and becoming an adult for the next time I’m forced out of a stage of education!

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