Then and Now


These are two pictures of the view from my house, one taken from the Shetland Museum and Archives and one I photographed yesterday.  I’m told the first is from the 80s, going by the car designs (I couldn’t tell; they all look the same to me!).  It’s astonishing how much the landscape has changed, with the dirt road gone and a marina built around the bay and spit.

Everyone I’ve shown these pictures to have told me they preferred the first, which I never considered until they did.  The differences are skewed by the weather in each picture, and I think the first has had its colours distorted somewhat, but I can see their points.  It’s an interesting look into industrialism/modernisation.  I have no memories of the village as it was in the first picture.

(Not shown in either picture is the garage behind the photographer’s viewpoint, which burnt down five years ago.  That was an eventful day).


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