News Through the Fringe 20/11/12

A lot of news probably will slip under the radar for most people, so unless it’s really boring then News Through the Fringe may become a regular feature!  There are two interesting bits I’ve found today:

  • The UK has recognised the newly formed National Coalition of the Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as the Syrian peoples’ sole legitimate representative, making us the 9th country to do so (and the 2nd Western country, after France).  This may have an effect ‘on the ground’ – William Hague announced that we’ll be sending £1m worth of communications equipment – but if not it’s still a massive political gain for the opposition.  I think everyone will be waiting to see if the US follows.
  • There’s another rebellion going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which I will admit I don’t know much about, but they appear to be ‘the bad guys’ by most media outlets.  There are UN forces fighting them right now, and Rwanda has been criticised for funding them.  Anyhow, they’ve taken Goma, a major city in the East of the country, which is quite worrying.

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